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What did we do with your spending-money

Pa'i and Dennis Chambers, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
are helping us to bring the help right to the people!

On 22.02.1998 they wrote to us:
Kia orana Pius and family

How was Mauke? Mauke was great! We went over Friday 13 February and
came back on Monday 16 February. I managed to take all the stuff I bought
for St Mary's as well as the Resource Centre for the handicapped children.
In fact I was lucky because the day before we flew out to Mauke the
Agriculture Department chartered a flight to pick up the mangoes from Mauke
and Air Raro accepted freight to be taken. I put through two huge boxes,
so the next day we just boarded the plane without being weighed down with
stuff or running the risk of not being able to take much luggage.

On the Monday morning Father John came on his pick-up and took Dennis and I
plus the box of goodies to the school. We displayed all the bits and
pieces on a table outside the classroom and the headmistress Metua Marsters
called an assembly. The whole school assembled and I told them that your
family sent the money for me to buy all the things on the table especially
for them. The teachers and the children in Malolo's class remembered you
all very well. They have asked me to send you all a VERY BIG THANK YOU and
to let you know that they are overwhelmed with your generosity. They are
very grateful and just cannot believe their goodluck! They sang for us
and to top their happiness, the Bishop who was also there with us gave the
the children the rest of the day off, straight after assembly, so everyone
had a big smile on their faces.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU also from Sister Emma for the things I bought with
your money for the Resource Centre. There again, everyone involved are
overjoyed with the gift.

Pius I am getting some photos ready to send over to you so you can see what
was bought and Malolo can see some of her friends in Mauke.
Malolo's ex teacher gave me a head ei and a titi (ties round the hips for
dancing) for Malolo. She said the class made them for Malolo but did not
know how to get them over to you. They are made out of dried banana
leaves. I said I will post it over to you (I have to work out how I am
going to do that).

Thank you for your last money transfer on 10 February. The total is
NZ$457.98. To recap on how much you have given so far:

From your account here
in Rarotonga                       NZ$ 400.00
Credit Transfer 9 Dec. '97        567.28
Credit Transfer 10 Feb.'98        457.98
Total                                         $1425.26
Less amount spent to date             739.00

Balance                  $ 686.26

Bought for St Mary's - $588.00:
- Coloured pencils
- Ordinary pencils
- Pencils with rubbers
- Stencilling kits
- Fabric Art sets
- Rulers
- Fifty metre roll of blue ribbon
- 3 x Electronc Calculators
- 10 x 9 litre buckets
- 4 x large display charts
- 8 x junior tennis rackets
- 2 x table tennis sets
- 6 x tennis balls
- 1 x First Aid kit

Bought for the Resource Centre - $151.00
- Set of pots and pans
- Kitchen knife set
- Coloured ball
- Ball and skittles
- Foam numbers
- Plastic glasses
- Plastic measuring jug
- Dishing out spoons
- Wooden spoon
- Tin opener
- Tea towels
- Knee and elbow pads

Well, that's it Pius. There was one thing I couldn't get for St Mary's
that they wanted and that was a baseball mitten, perhaps I can get one now
with the remainder of the money. The Baseball Association did not have
any but they gave me for free 2 x brand new baseballs and a friend of mine
also gave an extra 6 tennis balls for the school. Perhaps, if it is okay
I could also get a First Aid kit for the Resource Centre. First Aid kits
are extremely expensive - anything medical costs the earth. I supplied
the container for the one I got for the school and I just asked the
pharmacy to get together what is necessary for a school.
Well everyone, time to go. I hope this will find you all well and happy.
All the best and kia manuia!

Pai and Dennis

On 01.02.1998 they wrote to us:

  • The opening of the Disabled Centre in Mauke is going to be held on the
    weekend of 14 February and there is a whole group of us going over for the
    opening. Dennis is also coming with us.
  • On Monday I will telephone Metua Marsters, the principal of St Mary's School and ask for the school's requirements so that I can purchase them. As I mentioned before Dennis has already brought stuff like coloured pencils, rulers, a roll of blue
    ribbon for the girls' hair (as Malolo wanted), etc. from New Zealand.
  • Last Friday I purchased a few things for the Disabled Centre that I know
    they would need - for the kitchen, a set of knives, pots, can opener,
    wooden spoon, a plastic measuring jug, colourful plastic party glasses and
    tea towels also activity things like a colourful plastic ball, ball and
    skittle set, knee and elbow protector pads (these are really for skate
    boarders) however, I know they will be useful for the diasabled children as
    some of them have no coordination in their limbs they just flop around on
    the floor. I hope with the pads it will help to protect their joints.

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Travel Cook Islands: home
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